The tinplate vertical electrostatic painted a basic knowledge of the oil machine

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    Vertical electrostatic type Oiler (VEOD), specifically in order to complete through the the Oiler metal strip materials on the surface, the coating thickness is very thin lubricant layer. The accuracy and reliability of the device makes it is widely used in the world's leading galvanized steel and aluminum manufacturers.

    How it works: nozzle system the oil from the storage tanks atomized into micron (one millionth of a meter) level of fine particles in the atomization cavity. All large-size droplets will collide to the cavity wall and along parietal shed, recycled to the storage tanks. Consistent pressure within the nozzle to produce a quantitative mist to the atomizing chamber filled with a uniform mist. Oil mist produced about 100 times more than meet the work conditions. Controlled airflow from the plenum into the atomizing chamber, promote mist overweight mist baffle. The excess oil mist baffle to stop the larger particles. The oil mist is the next to enter the electrostatic charging part of the corona discharge zone generated by the power off to the negative charge on the charge of the oil mist particles. Oil mist through the ionization chamber, the negative high voltage plates driven by the surface of the negatively charged mist particles ran the moving strip. The strip is grounded, oil mist of charged particles at the same time will be adsorbed to the band on the steel body. Maintain a constant oil mist generated by the coating to the gas flow is closely related to the amount of mist on the strip to be traffic control system into the machine. When the line speed or the strip width is changed, controlled the flow of the airflow is automatically adjusted to maintain a selected oiled money. The ion generators and negative high voltage board part of the design is to ensure that eventually all the oil mist through the ionization chamber was coated on the strip.

    Mainly includes three parts, the first chassis part: includes storage tanks, nozzles, fixed plate, controlled airflow plenum. : Electrostatic charging part of this is where part of the plasma generator. Ionization chamber can be removed to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. Third: the negative high voltage plate part of the placement of the metal negative high voltage board, the negative high voltage board to assist will be charged mist coating to the strip.

    Features and advantages:
    Improve response time: powered by a microprocessor PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) closed-loop controller and a common role of the inverter motor combination, reduce demand, improve monitoring capabilities, response time and operational efficiency achieved extraordinary changed.

    Simplify operations:
    1, required for coated fuel is easy to be able to enter the process controller, without having to operate through the tables and graphs.
    2, controller programming process, you can display your preferred unit of measurement.
    3, the process controller can choose the display screen, rather than use the manometer manipulation of the equipment. This allows easy monitoring of the process of oiling. 4 up in the convenient location of the console to control the operation and regulation. At the same time, master cabinet separated from the high pressure and can be placed in distant locations.

    Reduce maintenance: a motor control valve. 2, to minimize the use of printed circuit boards and discrete parts. 3, using the process controller to diagnose the problem, greatly reducing the troubleshooting steps. 4, the control system eliminated the use of obsolete parts replaced by the popular technology.

    More efficient: one from the lower limit of oiling conditions changed to the ceiling of oiled condition or oiling conditions change from the ceiling to the lower limit of oiling conditions, the response time was reduced to four seconds. 2, when the line speed changes, the system will be all on the strip length to improve reservoir distribution. 3, the secondary turbo blower speed is greatly reduced, to reduce maintenance costs and save energy spent on repairs on reducing noise pollution. 4, static and less number of parts and the application of modern design to reduce maintenance and repair downtime.

    Optional equipment - heating circulatory system: When using viscous oil, you can use 379 liters (100 gallons) thermal cycling system can be used to heat the oil, the system continuously from the ground storage tanks part of the cycle in and out of work. Pre-wired and transported to the heater and the electric pump is controlled by the heater and electric pumps. Level observation instrument used to help maintain stability in storage tanks level. When you reach the signs of fuel to the storage tanks, open level change-over switch.

    Automatic quick lube system: (see illustration below) when the oil in more than one good use of two or more above the heating circulation system will be connected, and through the use of programmable controllers and solenoid valves automatically converted oil. Variable speed pump can speed up the conversion of the fuel, the conversion is complete, the variable speed pump to slow down and this cycle to maintain the proper oil level. Dangtu oil machine is placed in the correct position, the fuel conversion time of less than five minutes.

    Precise control: product attached by electrostatic coating on a continuously moving strip material each benchmark area of ​​0.15 to 1 gram of oil (that is coated with oil from 3.7 to 24.8 mg per square meter of surface). The entire width of the strip or line speed changes to keep the strip surface coating of oil money in the tolerance of plus or minus 20%. These specifications on a continuous strip of thin material coating reservoir is dedicated to the production of metal containers. These requirements must have a protective coating on the surface curl and handling is essential. This coating also provides the necessary lubrication of materials, ease of cutting, stacking and unloading stack operations.

    In any case, the coating must be sufficiently thin and uniform enough so as not to affect the container manufacturing process of lithography, glazing, painting process.
In the past 43 years, in areas of the coated film continuously moving strip surface, testing and application of many technical processes, but none of them can reach the performance level of the Trion has VEOD electrostatic oiler. Used for the production of metal containers. These requirements must have a protective coating on the surface curl and handling is essential. This coating also provides the necessary lubrication of materials, ease of cutting, stacking and unloading stack operations.


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  • TRION VEOD electrostatic oiler business has been took over by China Suzhou TRIOA, please refer to their website at, the new model is VESO.
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